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3 Common Winter Pests in Idaho and How to Keep Them Out

Even if fall isn’t your favorite season, at least you can say bye to bugs, right?

Tell that to the ants scooting inside your house to escape the chill and rummage for crumbs.

And that box elder bug seeking heat for himself and hundreds of his best chilly pals.

And the spiders spinning webs in your cozy house plants.

That’s right. When cold weather arrives, shivering bugs head straight for your toasty home.

How to protect your Idaho home from pests in winter?

Pause your shuddering for a few minutes and take a look at three top winter pests in Idaho and what to do about them.

1. Box Elder Bugs

These pesky red and black bugs are one of the most annoying winter pests in Idaho, and they’re especially bad this year.

Box Elder Bug

One or two might not be so bad, but these bugs like hanging out in rather alarming gangs, making it real obvious that you’re outnumbered.

They love gathering on warm surfaces when it’s chilly, so they can soak up warmth.

Once they’re hanging out on the outside of your house, it’s not a big journey to make it inside.

Pro tip: As tempting as it is, don’t crush them. They release a stinky liquid that attracts other bugs, and it can stain your walls, carpet, or floor. Vacuum them up instead, then empty them into a sealed bag, or sweep them out.

2. Annoying Ants

Ants, in the fall? Don’t they go underground or something for the winter?

They do. But they’re still a top winter pest in Idaho, because first, they’re hungry. And they don’t like being cold or wet.

ants in house in winter

See why your house seems so appealing when it starts to get chilly? It’s the perfect Boise ant Airbnb.

You hardly notice one tiny ant sneaking into the kitchen. No big deal, right?

But once he finds a crumb or two and carries them back to his nest, he leaves a scented trail for other ants to follow.

After all, they need to stockpile food for the long winter. (Kind of like how you stock up on buttery popcorn and M&Ms to munch by the fire while Netflix binging.)

Next thing you know, a whole ant army has moved in.

Time for winter pest control.

3. Sinister Spiders

Can we all agree the less said about spiders the better?

Spider in house

Let’s keep this quick: Spiders don’t like the cold. Your house is warm inside. Here they come.

Winter Pest Control: What to Do

How to protect your Idaho Falls or Boise home from pests in winter?

You’ll need to grab a rake, a broom, some plastic containers, and maybe some caulk and window screen repair tools.

Protect Your Food

Those paper, cardboard, and plastic containers your cereal, rice and pasta are in? Pffffft. (That’s the ants talking.)

They laugh at your flimsy food bags.

Transfer these pantry items into hard plastic storage containers, and keep them on high shelves.

If you’re used to keeping bread, fruit, and vegetables on the counter, better change your ways. Move those to the fridge.

Time for Yard Work

Fall is kind of a mess. Leaves everywhere, fallen twigs, mud.

Bugs love it.

Winter pest control involves some yard work.

Rake up leaves before they can pile up. Keep trimming shrubs and mowing grass right through fall. Pick up fallen twigs and branches.

If you keep firewood outside, make sure it’s covered and elevated.

Aim for a 5-foot radius around your home that’s clear of all outdoor debris.

Tidy Up Inside, Too

Remember, ants love crumbs.

Wipe down counters, tables, and other surfaces where food has been. Wash your dishes right away and don’t delay that vacuuming chore, especially the places where you eat.

Trim Box Elder Trees

That’s right, box elder bugs are named after box elder trees. They suck sap from the leaves and stems but really love munching the seed pods.

If you remove the box elder trees, you’ll reduce the bugs.

Too drastic?

Consider trimming the trees regularly and raking up the seed pods as they fall.

Winter Pest Control: Fill Outside Gaps or Cracks

Inspect the exterior of your home for any cracks in the foundation or gaps forming in your roof or under your doors.

Fill them, to keep pesky bugs out.

Check Indoor Plants

Spiders like hiding in the leaves of indoor plants and spinning webs there to catch tasty insects.

Check your plants every few days for spiders and remove them if you find any.

Check Door and Window Screens

Repair any tears or cracks where bugs can skitter through. Ditto for door seals. Are they tight?

Pack a Punch with Perimeter Pest Control

This outdoor barrier protection helps prevent bugs from entering your home and foundation. It’s great winter pest control and doesn’t involve you raking or vacuuming.

A late fall treatment will help prevent these crumb and heat-seeking pests from coming inside.

Perimeter pest control focuses on prevention – carrying out insect control before bugs make it into your home and begin to cause problems.

Lawn Buddies technicians spray around the perimeter of your home and yard to send insects packing for about three months.

Technicians typically treat about three feet up on the house and six feet out, creating a wide protective barrier around the house that includes the landscaping and lawn directly around your home.

The spray leaves a residue on surfaces that kills insects and continues to work for about three months.

Fall is a great time to pair that outdoor perimeter pest control with an interior pest control treatment, extra protection as bugs try to make their way in out of the cold.

We’ll deliver your insect control while we’re already on your property for lawn care treatments. No extra hassle for you.

Is Your Lawn Ready for a New Best Friend?

When you daydream about cozy winter afternoons, do your plans include attacking ants, battling box elder bugs, and stomping spiders?

We didn’t think so.

The first step to taking advantage of Lawn Buddies perimeter pest control is to sign up for our 6-step complete lawn care program.

Healthy lawn with lawn care services

You’ll be glad you did.

Choose an Idaho Falls or Boise professional lawn care service that makes it easy, bundling your yard’s most-needed treatments into one convenient, no-fuss plan.

Fertilizing, weed control, grub control. Done. Add pest control. Double done.

We’ve got your back.

Got a few minutes? That’s all you need to get started. You can simply:

Then kick back and relax in your healthy, thriving yard and pest-free home.

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Is your lawn ready for a new best friend?

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