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Caring For Your Plants in Idaho Falls & Boise

When your plants struggle, your landscaping lets you down, from foliage full of holes to wilted leaves.

It makes you look like you don’t care.

(We can hear you shouting, “I care!”)

We know.

A good plant health care program is your plants’ best friend, offering food and fixes for every pesky problem. Get your plant pride back with the best Idaho Falls plant health care services.

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Here's How We Help Your Trees and Shrubs Thrive

Plant Health Care Services can be added to our Complete Lawn Care Program.

Tree and Shrub Insect Treatments

Bugs are tiny. How do they eat so much?

Wood-boring insects tunnel under bark and feast, destroying your beautiful trees.

Aphids pierce stems, leaves, and buds of tender new plants, sucking out the fluids. Then they leave a sticky substance behind that attracts other feasting bugs. Double destruction.

Scale suck sap from trees and shrubs, causing leaves to wilt and stunting your plants’ growth.

Your trees and shrubs are the foundation of your beautiful landscaping, and a big investment.

Don’t serve them up to hungry bug villains. Treat them to tree and shrub insect control to shut down the bug buffet.

Tree Injections in Idaho Falls & Boise

Remember the last time you got a flu shot? Tree injections are like shots for your trees.

They treat diseases and insects like borers, aphids, spider mites, and scale by delivering “medicine” directly into your tree.

It’s injected right into the tree trunk, then quickly taken up by the vascular system and distributed throughout the tree.

Targeted plant health care for your landscape’s precious trees.

Deep Root Fertilization

When you’re really hungry, you can’t eat that Italian sub fast enough, right?

That’s how your starving tree feels.

Deep root fertilization gets right to the point, delivering tasty nutrients like phosphorus and iron inserted into the ground straight to your tree’s roots.

The fertilizer is injected under pressure, which also helps aerate the soil and offers much-needed oxygen for the root system.

That’s a plant health care bonus.

Tree and Shrub Fertilization

It’s easy to forget about fertilizing trees and shrubs. They’re your landscape’s chill residents, not constantly demanding stuff the way your lawn and annuals do.

Treat them anyway. Fertilizing boosts their health, so they can fight off diseases and pests.

Fertilizing gives them a great head start, encouraging growth and helping them fill in your landscape.

And you’re replacing needed minerals and nutrients that might be missing from the soil.

It’s like a healthy snack. Everybody loves snacks.

Dormant Oil

Dormant oil refers to the time of year this horticultural oil is applied — when plants and trees are dormant.

It coats leaf and limb surfaces, suffocating damaging insects and their eggs, from aphids to leafhoppers, mealybugs to mites.

Plant Bed Pre-Emergent

Your fantastic planter beds are the “wow” of your landscape. Cheerful yellow daylilies. Showy purple lupine. Fluffy mounds of pink petunias.

The neighbors actually slow down to point.

But weeds really know how to ruin the party. They creep in, crowd out your pretty plants, and make your beds look ratty and neglected.

Planter bed pre-emergent targets weed seeds that haven’t yet germinated, stopping them before they turn into weeds.

That’s the best kind of weed — no weed.

Is Your Yard Ready for a New Best Friend?

Ready to boost your plants’ health care for a more impressive yard?

We’ve got your back —plant health care services can be added to our complete lawn care package. We provide services in Idaho Falls, Rexburg, Meridian, Boise, and beyond.

Get started and watch your plants thrive.

Is your lawn ready for a new best friend?

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