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Controlling Canada Thistle in Your Lawn: 4 Important Facts

OK, what hurts more to step on in your bare feet:

A. A Lego brick
B. A Barbie doll high-heel shoe
C. Canada thistle weed

This is a vigorous debate that we might not settle here, but let’s all agree you don’t want to step on the very prickly Canada thistle while strolling barefoot through your backyard. Even Barbie would scream in pain. And she’s plastic. 

How to get rid of Canada thistle? 

Let’s take a look:

First, What Exactly is Canada Thistle Weed?

Yes, it’s as prickly as it sounds. This invasive perennial weed has soft green, deeply lobed, spear-like leaves with sharp barbs on them.

Canadian Thistle

Once it flowers, it’s actually pretty, with clusters of purple pom-poms. It almost always grows in patches, so chances are you’ll see more than one. (Oh, yay, right?)

This backyard bad guy can grow up to five feet tall and the only good thing we have to say about it is that its pretty purple flowers attract pollinators like bees and butterflies.

Controlling Canada Thistle: Why Is It So Hard? 

Like the villainous monster in your video game you can’t seem to defeat, Canada thistle weed never seems to die. It comes back every spring and once it takes hold it can spread quickly through a vigorous root system that’s kind of legendary.

Vertical tap roots can penetrate up to six feet into the soil searching for water and nutrients. Not only that, sideways-growing rhizomes about a foot underground can grow up to 12 feet per year.

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And, if that’s not evil enough, each pretty purple flower distributes thousands of seeds that can lurk in the soil for up to 20 years. 

This one is tough, for sure, giving even lawn care pros a headache.

How to Get Rid of Canada Thistle

What kills Canada thistle? Here are four things to know:

  1. When Canada thistle is in a lawn, Lawn Buddies technicians only use selective herbicides so they don’t also kill the surrounding turf.
  2. If Canada thistle weed is in an area where killing surrounding plants isn’t a concern, a non-selective herbicide can be used to try to control it.
  3. Fall is the best time to apply Canada thistle control, but even then this tenacious weed often turns brown, giving you hope, and then comes back just as strong.
  4. Professionals have access to stronger herbicides than homeowners do, but even their pro attack often takes more than one application.

Controlling Canada Thistle — and Other Stubborn Idaho Lawn Weeds

When you choose Lawn Buddies, you get one premium, six-visit lawn care program that includes everything your lawn needs to grow healthy and green, including weed control that’s perfectly timed throughout the year.

lawn care expert sprays grass

Most weeds are banished over the course of the six-step program. 

But some extra-tough weeds like Canada thistle weed often require a stronger herbicide, which is an additional visit on top of the normal lawn treatment.

A Healthy Lawn Helps Prevent Common Idaho Lawn Weeds

The best method of control for weeds is establishing healthy turf, including proper fertilizing, watering, and mowing. 

lawn with lawn buddies sign

Weeds hate a thick, healthy lawn. Dense grass crowds out weeds and blocks the sunlight their seeds need to sprout.

So your best line of defense is to keep your grass thick, lush, and healthy with a lawn care service annual maintenance program for healthy, strong roots. Then weed seeds will have a tougher time sprouting.

Is Your Lawn Ready for a New Best Friend?

Stop worrying about weeds and stuff you shouldn’t step on in your bare feet and partner with a company that’s expert in Idaho weed control.

Choose professional lawn care services in Idaho Falls, and Boise, ID that bundles your yard’s most-needed treatments into one convenient, premium, six-visit lawn care program that includes everything your Idaho lawn needs to grow healthy and green.

Fertilizer, weed treatments, and grub control, all wrapped up in six visits, each perfectly timed throughout the season, so your grass is green and strong and resists weeds.

We’ve got your back. 

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Then kick back and relax in your healthy, thriving yard.

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