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How to Get Dark Green Grass: 5 Tips for Idaho Homeowners

How to get deep dark green grass?

1. Paint it.
2. Sneak over to your neighbor’s in the middle of the night and steal his.
3. Make a deal with magical lawn fairies who will trade you dark green grass for gold coins.

If none of these seem like good options for how to make grass dark green, follow these pro tips:

1. Choose the Right Blend of Fertilizer

Picking the right blend of fertilizer is definitely the start to darker green grass.

First, buy your lawn fertilizer at a local garden center or fertilizer supplier rather than a big box store. They’ll have fertilizer blended for your area.

lawn care technician pours fertilizer into spreader

Looking for a quick burst of dark green grass? Look for a fertilizer that has no slow-release nitrogen in it. This will help the lawn get a quick pop of green. The trade-off: your grass will grow fast. Have that mower handy.

If you’re not in a big hurry for that dark green grass, choose a fertilizer blend that contains some slow-release nitrogen and your dark green color will last longer.

2. Boost Your Lawn’s Iron

How to get deep dark green grass? Look for fertilizer that contains a high percentage of iron — between 3 and 7 percent.

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Iron encourages darker green grass.

3. Dark Green Grass in Idaho? Add Extra Sulfur

Here in our area of Idaho, our lawns need sulfur because of the pH of our soil and water.

lawn care professional fertilizes grass

Since we have a higher pH, we lower that by applying sulfur with our lawn treatments. Otherwise, the higher pH will lock up the micro-nutrients like iron, and they won’t be as readily available to the lawn.

4. Water Wisely for Darker Green Grass

Water less often but deeply, and your lawn’s roots will grow deeper and healthier — and your grass will be darker green.

Consider installing an irrigation system. Unlike hoses and sprinklers, an irrigation system distributes water exactly where your landscape needs it. Sprinkler heads are placed precisely. Timers shut the system off automatically.

home with healthy grass
Smart irrigation controls hone in on local weather forecasts and your exact landscape conditions, so the watering schedule is precisely right for your landscape.

The result? You use as little water as possible while your grass gets nice and green.

5. Mow Tall

If you want darker green grass, don’t mow your lawn too short.

Cutting your grass too short stresses the grass, and makes it more susceptible to damage from insects and disease. Never cut off more than a third of the grass blade at any one time.

That way, the grass will develop a deeper root system to support the longer blades and need less water. That leads to a fuller, greener lawn.

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How to get dark green grass in Idaho?

It takes a lot of work. If all this sounds like a big pain, you’re right. You have better things to do than toil in your yard every weekend, right?

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