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13 Lawn Care Safety Tips for Idaho Homeowners

The great thing about summer is how carefree it is, right? Pull on your shorts and flip flops and you’re good to go. Want a popsicle for lunch? Go for it! So the garage is a little messy — who cares, right?

But those fun flip flops and that disorganized garage can pose dangers as you tackle your summer lawn care chores. 

Are you set up for lawn care safety? 

Whether you do your own lawn care or hire Idaho lawn care services there are important safety concerns to keep in mind. 

Check out these lawn care safety tips:

Lawn Care Safety: Mowing Tips

It’s easy to run out the door, rev up the mower and take a spin through the yard for a quick mow. But are you safe?

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1. Pick Up Debris

Spinning lawn mower blades can shoot rocks and sticks at 100 mph. So clear any debris before you start.

lawn care experts mow grass

2. Dress to Protect

No bare feet or sandals — wear shoes that cover your feet. Long pants are best, too, to protect your legs. 

Experts also recommend hearing protection for prolonged exposure to the loud engine noise and eye protection to help protect yourself from flying debris.

Hearing protection? Isn’t that lawn care safety overkill? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says listening to sounds over 85 decibels for extended time periods can cause hearing damage. Lawn mowers can produce more than 100 decibels. Cover those ears.

3. Keep Kids Safe

Most experts recommend that children younger than 12 shouldn't use lawn mowers unsupervised. And children under 16 shouldn’t operate a riding lawn mower.

child and man lay on grass

It seems fun, but never carry passengers on a riding mower. It’s too easy to fall off and quickly be run over.

4. Yikes, That Mower Gets Hot

Yes, your mower can burn you. The engine and exhaust get really hot, so beware of burns.

5. Keep Your Fingers Out

Those blades are sharp and spin fast. Lawn care safety means turning your mower off before reaching in to remove that stuck clump of grass. Even then, use a stick or other tool to remove any obstruction.

6. Don’t Mow Gravel

It’s no big deal to just quick cross over a gravel path, right? Don’t do it. Your mower can send those tiny stones hurtling out fast enough to really hurt someone.

DIY Lawn Care Safety: Wise Weed Control and Fertilizer Tips

Weed control products are powerful chemicals and need serious attention before you head out to battle those dandelions.

1. Read, Read, Read

Always read the product label completely. You might want to grab a cold drink and sit down — it’s not a quick read. These are serious chemicals. You might notice the label is actually folded up and taped closed, it’s so long. 

Lawn fertilizer on grass
Then, follow the directions exactly

2. PPE, Please

Another DIY lawn care safety tip, make sure you have all the proper personal protection equipment (PPE) that’s listed on the label before opening the container. Wear protective clothing, including gloves and protective goggles. 

3. Wear the Right Shoes for Lawn Care Safety

Rubber or plastic shoes are best. Tennis shoes and other canvas shoes can absorb the chemicals.

lawn care technician sprays for weeds

And take off your shoes afterward so you don’t track the product into the house.

4. Safe Storage

Make sure all your weed control and fertilizer products and equipment are away from the reach of children and pets. And clean up any spills right away. 

An important lawn care safety tip that might not occur to you: Always store products in their original containers. If an emergency occurs, you’ll need  the information on the original container.

5. Keep Products On the Grass

Don’t apply fertilizer on windy days when it might blow into other areas.

Sweep extra granules off hard surfaces like driveways and sidewalks back into the grass to prevent runoff into water supplies.

6. Don’t Rush Re-entry

Pay attention to when you can safely have contact with your lawn after product application. The label instructions will tell you. 

lawn care team sprays grass

Liquid products often recommend waiting until the product dries. Granular products might recommend waiting until the dust settles or the product has been watered in and dries. Meanwhile, keep children and pets inside.

7. Do a Quick Patrol for Pet Safety

  • Make sure your pets’ food or water bowls are away from areas to be treated. If you forget, discard any food or water and clean out the bowls after the treatment.
  • Put away any pet toys before technicians arrive to treat your yard or before you do it yourself.
  • Some dog owners wipe their pets’ paws with a wet cloth after they come in from outside, as an extra precaution.

Is Your Idaho Lawn Ready for a New Best Friend?

DIY lawn care safety can be worrisome, especially when it comes to the safe storage and application of chemicals like fertilizer and weed killer. 

There’s safe storage to worry about, long complicated labels to read, proper clothing to wear. And the last thing you want to do is mess up and pose hazards to the environment. 

Why not leave it to the experts? Lawn care pros are trained in the safe storage and application of these products.

And while you shed the worry of storing and applying products correctly, you know your lawn is getting exactly what it needs to thrive. 

Choose professional lawn care service in the Idaho Falls or Boise, ID area that bundles your yard’s most-needed treatments into one convenient, no-fuss plan. 

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