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7 Reasons To Hire Perimeter Pest Control Services in Boise, ID

The main reasons to hire perimeter pest control are skittering up your basement walls as you read this, snacking on crumbs in your cupboards, and lurking silently in a dark corner waiting to startle you with long creepy legs and beady little eyes when you least expect it.

Are you dialing the phone yet? No? OK, time for a closer look at the very good reasons to use perimeter pest control services.

1. Black Widow Spiders

Black Widow Spider

One of the most common spiders in Idaho, and the only one here with dangerous venom. Black widows love quiet, dark places, like wood piles, under decks, and in holes. Do you want to be startled by sudden skittering?

2. Hobo Spiders

Another reason to hire perimeter pest control services, Hobo Spiders. Mostly, these guys construct funnel-shaped webs and lie in wait for unsuspecting insects to wander in. But they can bite, and the wound is often slow to heal. The worst part: hobos run with rapid, darting movements. Spiders that run. SPIDERS THAT RUN.

hobo spider

3. Ants

Ants are always hungry. And they don’t like being cold or wet. So your house is pretty appealing when it starts to get chilly.

One ant won’t do much harm, right? Squish the tiny invader and get back to binging Netflix.

ant crawling over surface

But once he finds a crumb or two and carries them back to his nest, he leaves a scented trail for other ants to follow.

Next thing you know, a whole ant army has moved in. Time for perimeter pest control.

4. Carpenter Ants

The carpenter ant is the biggest of all the Idaho ants and the only one that destroys wood. They don’t eat it, but they hollow it out to make chambers needed for their colony to live in, weakening the wood in your home.

Carpenter Ant

Then they leave little tell-tale piles of sawdust. Like you need somebody else to clean up after, right?

5. Box Elder Bugs

These pesky red and black bugs are one of the most annoying winter pests in Boise.

One or two might not be so bad, but these bugs like hanging out in rather alarming gangs, making it real obvious that you’re outnumbered.

Box Elder Bug

Box elder bugs love gathering on warm surfaces when it’s chilly, so they can soak up warmth.

Once they’re hanging out on the outside of your house, it’s not a big journey to make it inside.

Bonus Bother: If you crush them — and it’s tempting, right? — they release a stinky liquid that attracts other bugs, and it can stain your walls, carpet, or floor. Vacuum them up instead, then empty them into a sealed bag, or sweep them out.

6. Health and Safety

Black widows bite. Carpenter ants chew on your house. Even if you’re one of those weird people who think bugs are cute, they’re a health and safety hazard, and one of the best reasons to hire perimeter pest control services in Boise.

kids playing in landscape bed near plantings

Give ‘em the boot.

7. It’s Cheaper Than Paying an Exterminator

Hiring perimeter pest control services in Boise is a lot cheaper than paying for an exterminator later.

pest control technician spraying for bugs near garage 
A whole year of perimeter pest control is significantly cheaper than a one-time exterminator treatment. And it’s safer for you and your family, too.

So, What Exactly Is Perimeter Pest Control?

This outdoor barrier protection helps prevent bugs from entering your home and foundation.

Lawn Buddies technicians spray around the perimeter of your home and yard to send pests like spiders and ants packing for about three months.

pest control technician sprays near foundation of house

Since the treatment is performed outside, no chemicals are applied inside your home.

In fact, perimeter pest control treatments don’t even require anyone to be home at the time they’re applied.

Bonus: we’ll perform your insect control while we’re already on your property for lawn care treatments. No extra hassle for you.

How Does Perimeter Pest Control Work?

Perimeter pest control focuses on prevention – carrying out insect control before bugs make it into your home and begin to cause problems.

homeowner and pest control expert shake hands

Lawn Buddies technicians typically treat about three feet up on the house and six feet out, creating a wide protective barrier around the house that includes the landscaping and lawn directly around your home.

Is Your Lawn Ready for a New Best Friend?

If it’ll make you feel better, you could name the creepy crawlies trying to invade your house.

Felicia wants to spin webs in your office corner. Cecil has his eye on the cookie crumbs your toddler dropped. Maggie just wants to warm up a bit, along with her friends Leo, Josephine, Ralph, Hugo, Mitzi, Louise, Jason…

Time to take action, right?

The first step to taking advantage of Lawn Buddies perimeter pest control is to sign up for our 6-step complete lawn care program.

You’ll be glad you did.

Choose an Idaho Falls or Boise professional lawn care service that makes it easy, bundling your yard’s most-needed treatments into one convenient, no-fuss plan.

Fertilizing, weed control, grub control. Done. Add pest control. Double done.

We’ve got your back.

Got a few minutes? That’s all you need to get started. You can simply:

Then kick back and relax in your healthy, thriving yard and pest-free home.

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Image Source: Carpenter Ant, Black Widow, Box Elder

Is your lawn ready for a new best friend?

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