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How to Revive Dormant Grass: 5 Tips for Idaho Homeowners

When you’ve been sleeping for a while, all tucked into your warm and cozy bed, how do you like to wake up?

A. Doused with a few gallons of water
B. Stepped all over 
C. Somebody suddenly giving you a haircut
D. Treated gently and offered a warm cup of cocoa and a back rub 

D, right? Your dormant lawn appreciates a bit of kindness, too. Maybe not warm cocoa, exactly, but it doesn’t want to be abruptly soaked, trampled, or mowed just as it’s waking up.

How to revive dormant grass? Let’s take a gentle look.

First, Dormant Grass in Idaho: When Does It Happen? 

Here in Idaho, grass goes dormant in the winter. 

Tucked in under the snow, it takes a break from the hard work of growing and being green. 

CC-grass in winter
It’s cold and snowy out there — a perfect time to take a long nap. 

Will dormant grass come back? Yes! Once the temperature rises in spring and it gets water, your dormant grass will start to grow and green up again.

Your grass can go dormant in the dry heat of summer, too, if it doesn’t get consistent water. It stops growing so it can hold on to the moisture and nutrients it has left so it can tough out the harsh conditions.

Dead or Dormant: How to Tell?

A dormant lawn is different than a dead lawn. When your lawn is dormant, it’s not actively growing. It looks dead, but deep down, the crown of the grass is still alive. 

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How to tell the difference?

Grab hold of a couple clumps of grass and tug. Does it pull right up, with no root system holding it in? It’s probably dead. But dormant grass in Idaho will still have a solid root system and resist your tug.

How to revive dormant grass?

1. Go Easy 

Go easy on your lawn as it comes out of dormancy in the spring. It needs to stretch and wake up a bit.

Don’t mow too early. If you jump in and mow your lawn too soon, you can actually damage it and make it susceptible to disease. Same goes for raking. Wait until it dries out a bit.

2. Water Gradually to Revive Dormant Grass

Your dormant grass needs water to wake up, but don’t start a flood out there. 

Sprinkler head - Irrigation
Begin watering for about 45 minutes three times a week in the morning and your dormant grass should start to green up again. 

Resist the urge to water every day. Water deeper, longer, and not as often. That encourages deeper, stronger roots, which means greener, healthier grass.

3. Don’t Walk All Over It 

When a lawn is brown, people seem to think it’s OK to walk all over it. It looks dead, right, so what’s the harm?

But too much foot traffic on your lawn when it’s dormant can actually kill it. Use the sidewalks and driveway and give your lawn a break.

4. Don’t Fertilize Too Soon

It’s tempting to revive dormant grass with a big dose of fertilizer. You’re hungry after a long nap — your lawn must be starving, right? 

It is, but make sure it’s awake and ready to absorb those nutrients. Wait for some signs of life before you fertilize. 

Lawn fertilizer poured out on grass
Aim for mid-to-late April, once the soil temperature reaches 55 degrees.

Then, keep it up. Fertilize again mid-May, around the end of June, and in early to mid-August.

Don’t forget fall fertilizer. This final fertilizer treatment in fall includes important slow-release granular fertilizer that feeds your hungry lawn for the winter and helps it pop back up, ready to impress, in the spring.

5. Reviving Dormant Grass: Start to Mow 

Once your lawn starts to grow again, go ahead and mow.

lawn care company mows grass 
Make sure you have sharp mower blades. A dull mower blade “rips” the top off a blade of grass, leaving a jagged edge that invites pests and disease.

A sharp blade makes a nice, clean cut, which helps the grass to heal faster and helps it grow thicker.

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