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6 Benefits of Professional Plant Health Care Services in Idaho

You know when to call the doctor, the pediatrician, or the veterinarian, but who do you call when your plants are sick? 

A plantologist? Plantatrician? Plantanarian?

Let’s go with plant health care specialist — an expert in treating ailing plants.

After all, your plants, trees, and shrubs are dealing with a lot out there.

Bugs munch on them. Diseases strike. And they're probably starving. 

When you call plant health care services in Idaho Falls, and Boise, ID, what happens?
What do they do? What are the benefits of plant health care services?

1. Keep Pesky Bugs Off Your Trees and Shrubs 

Bugs are tiny. How do they eat so much?

Tree-eating bugs can be a real nightmare, sucking the life from your trees, devouring the leaves, and causing entire trees to die.

Wood-boring insects tunnel under bark and feast, destroying your beautiful trees.

Aphid infestation
Aphids pierce stems, leaves, and buds of tender new plants, sucking out the fluids. Then they leave a sticky substance behind that attracts other feasting bugs. Double trouble. 

Scale suck sap from trees and shrubs, causing leaves to wilt and stunting your plants’ growth.

Your trees and shrubs are the foundation of your beautiful landscaping, and a big investment.

A plant health care company swoops in with sprays, injections, and the skills and training to use them, shutting down the bug buffet.

2. Tree Injections Help Your Ailing Trees, Fast 

Tree injections are like shots for your trees. They treat diseases and insects like borers, aphids, spider mites, and scale by delivering “medicine” directly into your tree. 

Plant health care specialists inject treatments right into the tree trunk, where it’s quickly taken up by the vascular system and distributed throughout the tree.

This direct treatment works faster and is more effective than spray treatments. 

Tree injections deliver fast nutrients to ailing trees, too.

Do you have any maples? Maples often have “iron chlorosis,” a nutrient deficiency. They can’t absorb all the nutrients they need from the soil.
maple tree with disease

Affected trees have yellowing leaves that never quite get green. It can affect aspens, too. 

Tree injections deliver micro-nutrients directly into the tree and quickly work to replenish it. 

Other benefits of tree injections:
  • Tree injections deliver treatment directly into the tree, so there’s no overspray or drifting of chemicals. No pesticides in the air or soil.
  • While other types of treatment require three to four treatments, tree injections just require one, and lasts for a whole year.
  • Rainy? Windy? No problem. While spray treatments need calm weather, tree injections can take place on rainy or windy days.

3. Deep Root Tree Fertilization for Hungry Trees 

Plant health care services in Idaho Falls, and Boise, ID include deep root tree fertilization, which injects nutrients for your tree directly deep into the soil, rather than spreading it over the top.

By injecting the fertilizer with high pressure, the nutrients can reach the deepest tree roots fast, feeding your tree from the roots up.

The fertilizer is delivered straight to the tree’s roots, with a long, cool-looking wand, so your tree gets an immediate nutrition boost.

Tree injection
Then, over time, the nutrients make their way to the rest of your tree, making it healthier and more vibrant.

Deep root fertilizing strengthens your tree, enabling it to better fend off pests and diseases.

How do you know if your trees need this nutrient boost from a plant health care services company? 

Look for these signs:

  • Their leaves are smaller than normal.
  • Leaves have dead spots or are yellowing.
  • Branches are thinning, or the tips are dying.
  • There isn’t much growth.

4.  Dormant Oil Banishes Bugs 

What’s not to love about fall? Caramel apples, football games, pumpkin-spiced everything. (Is it just us, or is it getting out of control?) 

Bugs love fall, too — but they celebrate by laying eggs in your trees and shrubs. Woo hoo! Actually, ick. 

They’ll lurk there all winter, then in spring, while you’re busy hiding Easter eggs, their eggs will hatch into hungry larvae that will devour your precious trees.

Terrifying, right? How to stop this dastardly devastation?

plant health care technician sprays trees and bushes
Dormant oil spray. Also called horticultural oil, dormant oil spray is a highly refined petroleum product used as an insecticide to suffocate insects and insect eggs that have overwintered on trees and shrubs.

Instead of poisoning the bugs, plant health care specialists basically smother them with the oil. 

The oil kills any lingering insects as well as their eggs, so they won’t hatch in the spring.

Applying dormant oil for trees at the right time can prevent significant damage.

Plant health care specialists start spraying trees here in Boise and Idaho Falls in early to mid-March, coating the leaves and spraying dormant oil into cracks and crevices in the bark where insects have laid their eggs.

And, good news: dormant oil spray is less toxic to beneficial insects like ladybugs than other types of insecticide.

5. Food, Fabulous Food

Everybody’s hungry out there. Fertilizer gives your trees and shrubs a boost that improves their health and appearance, from strong roots to glossy leaves to plentiful, pretty flowers.

When your trees and shrubs struggle to get the important nutrients they need, they get weak. That makes them more susceptible to damaging insects and diseases. 

fertilizer pouring out of bag
Struggling trees and shrubs won’t grow as tall or as full as they could, either.

Can’t you do it yourself? Sure. But will you? (Be honest.) 

A plant health care services company will show up at exactly the right times of year and get the job done. Then you can relax and eat that Snickers bar in front of your trees without feeling guilty.

6. You Don’t Have to Worry About Your Precious Plants 

When your plants struggle, your landscaping lets you down, from foliage full of holes to wilted leaves.

home with healthy landscape
Why risk your landscaping investment? 

A good plant health care program is your plants’ best friend, offering food and fixes for every pesky problem. Then you can rest easy.

Is Your Yard Ready for a New Best Friend?

Ready to boost your plants’ health for a more impressive yard? We’ve got your back — Plant Health Care Services can be added for our Idaho Falls and Boise customers who use our full-service lawn care program.

That gives you extra peace of mind — choose an Idaho Falls or Boise professional lawn care service that bundles your yard’s most-needed treatments into one convenient, no-fuss plan, plus know your valuable shrubs are getting the nourishing nutrients they need to thrive, and treatment for the pesky insects that love to attack them.

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