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6 Common Lawn Care Myths & What To Do Instead

If you think tiny lawn fairies arrive at night under a full moon and do mystical dances to weed and nourish your lawn, that’s a myth.

Actually, that’s some strange thing you made up in your head.

Not all lawn care myths are that weird. Some common lawn care myths you might be doing right now.

Stop believing these six lawn care myths:

1. Mowing Short is a Great Idea

It seems like it, right? Mow short and not only does your lawn look super tidy, but you don’t have to mow as often.


A surprising number of homeowners mow their grass too short, hoping to stretch out the time between mowings.

law mower cutting lawn

But cutting your grass too short stresses the grass, and makes it more susceptible to damage from insects and disease. Never cut off more than a third of the grass blade at any one time.

That way, the grass will develop a deeper root system to support the longer blades and need less water. That leads to a fuller, greener lawn.

2. One Weed Killer Zaps All Your Weeds

A common lawn care myth is that you only need one weed control application. That would be great, wouldn’t it?

Sadly, weeds aren’t that easy. It takes a few lawn care tips to get weeds under control.

For one thing, you need both pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control.

lawn care expert inspects weedy grass

Pre-emergent weed control targets weed seeds before they sprout. What a great invention, right?

Post-emergent weed killers zap weeds once they already exist.

It’s important to know the difference, and to follow the product instructions when it comes to timing and application. You don’t want to waste your time and money using products that don’t work.

Crabgrass is a great example of the importance of pre-emergent weed killer.

lawn care expert sprays grass with weed control

It’s important to apply crabgrass pre-emergent in early spring to target those weed seeds as they germinate and take root in the soil — so they don’t become more seed-producing plants.

Beyond that, weeds are incredibly sneaky and tough.

Weeds can be either grassy or broadleaf, with each kind requiring a specific treatment plan.

Some weeds take multiple applications of weed killer and a couple of months to go away.

Weed control isn’t a one-time thing. It’s a pretty complicated process.

3. Your Grass Needs Water Every Day

It absolutely doesn’t.

This is one of the best lawn care tips you can follow: water less often, but deeply.

If you water too often, it encourages shallow, needy roots.

Water less often but deeply, and roots will grow deeper and healthier — and your grass will be greener.

4. Once Summer is Over, No More Fertilizing

Another lawn care myth is that you don't need to fertilize after summer. Yikes, no.

lawn care expert fertilizes grass
Maybe it looks like your grass is done growing for the season, but the final fertilizer treatment in fall is super important.

It includes slow-release granular fertilizer that feeds your hungry lawn for the winter and helps it pop back up, ready to impress, in the spring.

5. Lots of Fertilizer is Good

Step away from the fertilizer bag, please. Nice and easy.

Many homeowners either apply too much fertilizer or apply it at the wrong time of the year.

lawn care technician fertilizes grass

Over fertilizing, especially with high levels of nitrogen, will cause lots of pretty green blades of grass, but not enough root growth. Too much fertilizer will actually burn the lawn.

Applying too much fertilizer isn’t just bad for your lawn and wasteful — it can harm the environment, running off and entering the groundwater.

6. I Can Do My Own Lawn Care, No Problem

Actually, it can be a problem. Or at least a pain.

Do you really want all those bulky bags of fertilizer piled in your garage? Do you want to spend most of your Saturday in the weed killer aisle trying to figure out what products will work?

Don’t you have better things to do?

Is Your Idaho Lawn Ready for a New Best Friend?

Stop believing these lawn care myths and trust in proven lawn care tips to keep your lawn healthy, green, and thriving.

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