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Hobo Spiders in Idaho: 7 Things You Need to Know

What a weird name for a spider, right? Let’s explain that first, then get to how to keep these creepy guys out of your house.

Apparently the hobo spider made its way from Europe to the U.S. via ship in the late 1920s. It gained the nickname “hobo” because it’s believed to have traveled across the country on railway cars.

So, are there hobo spiders in Idaho? Sorry, yes.

Are hobo spiders poisonous? Are hobo spiders dangerous? If you see one in your house, should you run? Can they outrun you?

Let’s get to it.

1. What Do Hobo Spiders Look Like?

Don’t freak out, but they’re pretty big, with females about 1¾ inch long (including legs) and males about one inch. Their size and brown color lead some people to mistake hobo spiders for the more dangerous brown recluse spider.

hobo spider on web

Hobo spiders have herringbone striping on their abdomen, while brown recluse spiders have a distinctive violin-shaped marking on their backs.

2. Where Do Hobo Spiders Live?

Hobo spiders love dark, damp hiding places like garages and basements. You’ll also find them outside underneath rocks and woodpiles.

3. Are Hobo Spiders Poisonous?

Unlike the poisonous brown recluse, the hobo spider’s venom isn’t toxic, but if it bites you, the wound is often slow to heal.

So, are hobo spiders dangerous? If a hobo spider is caught in a threatening situation, they will bite, leaving a painful, red, sometimes blistery bruise.

4. What Do Hobo Spiders Eat?

Small dogs and the occasional kitten. Kidding! House flies, cockroaches, ants, and even other spiders.

Hobo spiders are known for making a funnel-like web to catch insects. They hang out on their webs waiting for insects to land. That causes a vibration that tells the spiders it’s time for brunch.

5. You Won’t Like This: They Run

The worst part: hobo spiders run with rapid, darting movements. Spiders that run. That’s a big nope. That’s all the reason you need to get rid of hobo spiders, right?

6. Good News: They Can’t See Well

Like most spiders, the hobo spider has very poor eyesight – it can only see about three to six feet. (So if you’re brave enough, maybe you can sneak up on it with a baseball bat.)

7. How to Prevent Hobo Spiders

More good news: Perimeter pest control is a great way to get rid of hobo spiders.

Lawn Buddies Truck with hoses for pest control spray

This outdoor barrier protection helps prevent hobo spiders and other spiders and insects like ants and box elder bugs from entering your home and foundation.

Lawn Buddies technicians in Idaho Falls and Boise, ID spray around the perimeter of your home and yard to send pests like hobo spider packing for about three months. Since the treatment is performed outside, no chemicals are applied inside your home.

In fact, perimeter pest control treatments don’t even require anyone to be home at the time they’re applied.

Bonus: we’ll deliver your insect control while we’re already on your property for lawn care treatments. No extra hassle for you.

How Does Perimeter Pest Control Work?

Perimeter pest control focuses on prevention – carrying out insect control before bugs and hobo spiders make it into your home and begin to cause problems.

Lawn Buddies technicians typically treat about three feet up on the house and six feet out, creating a wide protective barrier around the house that includes the landscaping and lawn directly around your home.

pest control technician sprays landscape for spiders

The spray leaves a residue on surfaces that kills insects and continues to work for up to three months.

Prevent Hobo Spiders: What You Can Do

Good insect control goes beyond spraying the outside.

Here are a few things you can do on the inside:

  • Make sure your door and window screens are in good condition to keep insects from sneaking through.
  • Check door seals. Are they tight?
  • Avoid leaving food or crumbs out that can attract bugs.
  • Don’t leave doors open.

Say Bye to Hobo Spiders with Lawn Buddies

How to get rid of hobo spiders? Put down that baseball bat and leave it to us.

Lawn Buddies perimeter pest control services in Idaho Falls and Boise, ID can be added to our Complete Lawn Care Program.

The first step to taking advantage of Lawn Buddies perimeter pest control is to sign up for our 6-step complete lawn care program.

You’ll be glad you did.

Choose an Idaho Falls or Boise professional lawn care service that makes it easy, bundling your yard’s most-needed treatments into one convenient, no-fuss plan.

Fertilizing, weed control, grub control. Done. Hobo spider control? Double done.

We’ve got your back.

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