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Keep Clover Mites Out: 5 Helpful Tips for Idaho Homeowners

Just when you thought you knew all the words, along come two new ones: clover mites.

Why should you care?

1. They might be in your house.
2. They leave a red stain if you squish them.
3. Pest control experts call them “a nightmare.”

Gulp. Let’s be brave and find out how to keep clover mites out of your house.

So, What the Heck Are Clover Mites?

These little red critters are related to ticks and spiders, two other unsavory creatures. They’re technically not insects, but mites.

They have eight legs like a spider and the front pair are really long. But don’t bother looking for them — these mites are about the size of a pin head.

They eat clover, grass, plants, and weeds and tend to appear by the thousands here in Idaho in the spring and fall months.

Clover Mite in sand

The thousands? Fun clover mite fact: female clover mites don’t need a male to reproduce. They reproduce by a process called parthenogenesis, which means eggs don’t require fertilization by males.

One tiny female clover mite can lay up to 70 eggs at a time, often around bricks and under siding, and their babies mature in 30 days or less — then they can start to reproduce. This explains why you might see thousands of clover mites gathered on outdoor surfaces. They like to hang out on the sunniest side of your house.

Clover Mites in Your House? No, Thanks

They start outside, but clover mites can crawl into your home through cracks and tiny openings around windows and doors. You might see them crawling around window sills, on windows or walls.

The good news? They don’t bite and aren’t harmful to people or pets. They don’t cause structural damage.

The bad news? They leave red stains if you crush them. So vacuum them up instead.

How to Get Rid of Clover Mites

Pest control pros call these tiny red beasties “a nightmare” because while perimeter pest control can help with clover mites, it won’t control them 100 percent.

The problem is many homeowners practically put a sign out that says “Welcome, Clover Mites” by the way they landscape around the foundation of their homes.

home with healthy lawn and landscape beds

Grass and mulch right up against your house provide an easy path for the pests.

So follow these tips to keep clover mites out:

1. Keep grass and weeds away from the foundation of your house, leaving a strip of about two feet wide. Clover mites are not as likely to move through bare, loose soil as they are through soil that's supporting plants that touch the structure's foundation.

2. If you have mulch close to the foundation of your house, consider replacing it with crushed rock, pea gravel, or some other dry material to keep clover mites out. Or make sure mulch isn’t right up against your foundation or walls.

3. Take a close and thorough look at the outside of your foundation and outer walls, looking for gaps, cracks or holes where clover mites or other insect invaders can squeeze in. Seal up all holes you find to keep clover mites out of your house.

4. Check window screens to make sure they fit tightly.

5. Perimeter pest control can help keep clover mites out.

This outdoor barrier protection that helps prevent bugs from entering your home and foundation can’t completely banish clover mites, but it helps.

Lawn Buddies technicians spray around the perimeter of your home and yard to send pests like spiders and ants packing for about three months.

pest control technician sprays shrubs

Since the treatment is performed outside, no chemicals are applied inside your home.

In fact, perimeter pest control treatments don’t even require anyone to be home at the time they’re applied.

Bonus: we’ll deliver your insect control while we’re already on your property for lawn care treatments. No extra hassle for you.

How Does Perimeter Pest Control Work?

Perimeter pest control focuses on prevention – carrying out insect control before pests like clover mites make it into your home and begin to cause problems.

Lawn Buddies technicians typically treat about three feet up on the house and six feet out, creating a wide protective barrier around the house that includes the landscaping and lawn directly around your home.

Lawn Buddies Truck with hoses for pest control spray

The spray leaves a residue on surfaces that kills insects and continues to work for up to three months.

Help Keep Clover Mites Out with Lawn Buddies in Idaho Falls and Boise, ID

Your best defense against this tiny red nightmare is to take preventive steps to keep clover mites out of your house in the first place.

Lawn Buddies perimeter pest control services in Idaho Falls and Boise, ID can be added to our Complete Lawn Care Program.

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