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Why You Aren’t Seeing Results From Your Lawn Service in Boise, ID

Your lawn care service isn’t working?


Did you pay your bill? Are you sure you’re at the right house? Could this all be a bad dream and when you wake up it’ll be like that scene from the Wizard of Oz and your yard will be a vision of emerald green grass, vivid blooms, and assorted munchkins?
Ok, moving on. You hired your Boise lawn care service to get rid of weeds, make your lawn healthier and greener.

So why are you not seeing results from your lawn care service?

Check out these possible reasons:

Maybe You’re Mowing All Wrong

No offense, but it happens.

Mowing seems easy enough, but a surprising number of homeowners mow their grass too short, hoping to stretch out the time between mowings.

But cutting your grass too short stresses the grass, and makes it more susceptible to damage from insects and disease. Professionals know never to cut off more than a third of the grass blade at any one time.

lawn mower cutting grass

That way, the grass will develop a deeper root system to support the longer blades and need less water. That leads to the lawn care results you want — a fuller, more attractive lawn.

Pros also maintain their mowing equipment regularly, keeping their blades sharp. When’s the last time you sharpened your mower blades?

Mowing with dull or nicked lawn mower blades will tear the grass blade, rather than leave a clean cut, and a torn or ripped blade of grass is more prone to disease and insect damage.

Lawn Care Service Isn’t Working? How’s Your Watering?

Proper watering is crucial for good lawn care results. If you’re watering too much or too little, or even at the wrong time of day, that can affect your lawn’s health.

Early morning is the best time — it’s still cool, so all that valuable water won’t evaporate in the hot sun.

And don’t think your grass needs watering every day. It doesn’t.

Sprinkler head waters grass

Water too often, and it encourages shallow, needy roots.

Water less often but deeply, and roots will grow deeper and healthier — and you’re more likely to see impressive lawn care results.

Consider installing an irrigation system. Unlike hoses and sprinklers, an irrigation system distributes water exactly where your landscape needs it. Sprinkler heads are placed precisely. Timers shut the system off automatically.

Smart irrigation controls hone in on local weather forecasts and your exact landscape conditions, so the watering schedule is precisely right for your landscape.

The result? You use as little water as possible while your grass thrives.

You’re Skipping Important Lawn Services

Everybody loves to save money. But if your Boise lawn care company suggests services your lawn needs to thrive, and you say, “Nah, I need that money to buy more action figures for my collection,” you shouldn’t be surprised if your lawn care service isn’t working.

Aeration is a great example. When your soil becomes compacted, your lawn can't breathe. Its roots can't take in water or nutrients, which weakens your turf and opens the door for disease and weeds.

lawn being aerated with walk behind machine

If your Boise lawn care service suggests aeration, it’s to achieve the best lawn care results.

Aeration uses a machine to pull out tiny cores of soil from your lawn, allowing water and oxygen to get to the roots. You can almost hear your lawn sigh with relief — and get greener.

Or maybe you’re just choosing a couple services here and there. You might be missing quite a few services that your lawn really needs, and interfering with good lawn care results.

Your best bet: choose a comprehensive lawn care program that includes everything your lawn needs to grow healthy and green.

Patience, Please

If you’re ticked that you still have weeds, are you giving your lawn care service a reasonable amount of time to get rid of them?

You need a bit of patience here. You’ll usually see weeds curl up and die 7 to 14 days after they’re treated.

But some weeds take longer to disappear than others. Some tough customers really hang in there — some for as long as a month or longer.

lawn care technician spraying weed control on lawn

Some weeds take multiple applications of weed killer and a couple of months to go away. Tougher weeds like crabgrass keep coming back and need ongoing treatment for the best lawn care results.

Applying weed killer isn’t a one-time thing. It needs to happen multiple times a year. Different weeds grow at different times throughout the seasons.

That’s why a comprehensive lawn care program is important for real weed control, with perfectly timed treatments from spring through fall to ensure the best lawn care results.

Maybe It’s Time to Switch Companies

If your Boise lawn care service has been treating your lawn for months and you don’t see any improvement, you have the right to be grouchy.

But before you cancel your lawn service, give them a chance to make things right. You’d want a second chance, wouldn’t you?

Lawn Buddies Truck

Maybe there’s a good reason behind the inconsistent service.

Get to the root of the problem and give your lawn service company a chance to explain and redeem themselves.

But if you’re still unhappy, it’s time to switch.

Is Your Lawn Ready for a New Best Friend?

Not seeing results from your lawn care service? You haven’t found the right partners.

Hundreds of homeowners in Eastern Idaho have been counting on Lawn Buddies to provide reliable lawn care services since 2001.

If you want simple, hassle-free lawn care in Idaho Falls or Boise, ID that offers quality core lawn care services for a healthy green lawn, it doesn’t get easier than Lawn Buddies.

No stressing about which complicated combination of lawn care services will get your lawn back to its beautiful green again.

You don’t have time to fuss with all that. Give yourself a break.

Welcome to one premium, six-visit lawn care program that includes everything your lawn needs to grow healthy and green.

Fertilizer, weed treatments, and grub control, all wrapped up in six visits, each perfectly timed throughout the season, so your grass is green and strong and resists weeds.

We’ve got your back.

Got a few minutes? That’s all you need to get started.

Fill out the form on this page.
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Or read more about our services.

Then kick back and relax in your healthy, thriving yard.

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Is your lawn ready for a new best friend?

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