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Is Your Perimeter Pest Control Strategy Effective? What to Look For

If your perimeter pest control strategy is stomping on bugs when you see them on your patio or sidewalk, that’s probably not effective.

If you’re counting on your dog to eat them, that’s not a great strategy, either.

Your best bet is a perimeter pest control outdoor barrier spray that helps prevent bugs from entering your home and foundation.

But how do you know if it’s really working? What are the signs of effective pest control?

Put down that bug swatter and let’s take a look:

First, How Does Perimeter Pest Control Service Work?

It works way better than that sidewalk stomping method.

Perimeter pest control is an outdoor barrier spray that helps prevent bugs from getting inside your home in the first place.

pest control technician applying pest barrier spray to the foundation of a home

It leaves behind a residue that bugs hate, so they give up on your place and decide to pester somebody down the street who decided not to spring for professional perimeter pest control.

Lawn Buddies technicians spray around the perimeter of your home and yard to keep pests like ants, hobo spiders, and beetles from making their way inside.

It’s all about prevention — keeping the creepy crawlers out of your house.

Lawn Buddies technicians typically treat about three feet up on the house and six feet out, creating a wide protective barrier around the house that includes the landscaping and lawn directly around your home.

Assessing Pest Control Results: Is It Working?

Take a look around. If you don’t see insects in your house or outside on your foundation, and you don’t see evidence of insect damage in the plants next to your foundation, it’s working.

Most perimeter pest control will start to take effect within a few hours. The spray residue repels or kills insects as they encounter it.

But it can take a few days to realize the full effect, as existing insects die off.

Perimeter Pest Control Effectiveness: How Long Does Last?

This barrier spray is among the most effective pest barrier techniques, but it’s not a one-time thing.

Professional perimeter pest control lasts about three months.

Once those three months have passed, you’ll want another treatment, depending on the time of year. Spring through fall is when pesky insects are lurking here in Idaho.

A late fall treatment will help prevent these crumb and heat-seeking pests from coming inside, but once it’s freezing, perimeter pest control service won’t do much good.

At Lawn Buddies, our last exterior pest control treatment is done in October. Once the winter freeze arrives in Idaho, bugs aren’t hanging around outside your house anymore.

But you’ll want to resume your treatments again in the spring.

Signs of Effective Pest Control: A Key Difference with Lawn Buddies

Most pest control companies apply perimeter pest control four times a year. That’s the only time they’re on your property.

Lawn Buddies offers perimeter pest control to our customers who are on full lawn care programs.

pest control technician applying barrier spray to outside of a home

That means we’re on your property every six weeks, taking a close look around at your lawn and landscaping health. If you have a pest problem, we’ll see it.

What Does Perimeter Pest Control...Control?

Here are just some of the creepy pests that perimeter pest control keeps away:

  • Ants
  • Hobo spiders
  • Black widows
  • Earwigs
  • Box elder bugs
  • Wasps
  • Fleas
  • Beetles

Effective Pest Barrier Techniques: Does DIY Work?

When you buy a pre-mixed pest control product from a store, it’s mixed at a lower ratio than professional-strength products, so it won’t be as effective.

The strength of professional perimeter pest control products allows them to work faster and better than the ones you can buy.

For the best perimeter pest control effectiveness, trust the professionals. They do this every day. They’re trained for this, dressed safely and appropriately and know how to handle any potential mishaps.

Assessing Pest Control Results: When You Still Have Bugs

If you’ve invested in perimeter pest control in Idaho Falls or Boise, ID but you’re still cringing at earwigs in your shower, spiders in your basement or ants on your counters, your pest control isn’t working.

Lawn Buddies perimeter pest control works. And it’s a lot cheaper to pay for professional perimeter pest control now than it is to deal with a pest infestation later.

pest control technician applying barrier spray to foundation of a home

A whole year of perimeter pest control services is significantly cheaper than a one-time exterminator treatment. And it’s safer for you and your family, too.

When You Need Effective Pest Barrier Techniques, Trust Lawn Buddies

When you call Lawn Buddies for perimeter pest control in Idaho Falls and Boise, you can relax, knowing creepy invasive pests won’t be joining you inside your safe and cozy home.

The first step to taking advantage of Lawn Buddies perimeter pest control is to sign up for our 6-step complete lawn care program.

You’ll be glad you did.

Choose an Idaho Falls or Boise professional lawn care service that makes it easy, bundling your yard’s most-needed treatments into one convenient, no-fuss plan.

Fertilizing, weed control, grub control. Done. Add pest control. Double done.

We’ve got your back.

Got a few minutes? That’s all you need to get started. You can simply:

Then kick back and relax in your healthy, thriving yard and pest-free home!

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